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Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

The Longshore Act is the federal law protects those that are injured while working on or adjacent to navigable waters of the United States. This includes workers in shipyards building or repairing vessels; longshore workers loading and unloading cargo; and workers on particular types of offshore rigs.

Admirality Law

Admiralty Law, also known as Maritime and Jones Act law, is a broad body of law that includes injuries sustained by seamen while they are on-board vessels that can include ocean-going ships, barges, tugs or rigs. The Longshore Act provides compensation and medical benefits for maritime workers who typically work in shipyards or loading/unloading cargo.

Defense Base Act Law

The Defense Base Act covers injuries to civilian employees while they are working overseas for government contractors. Whether dispatched to Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Panama, Thailand, or elsewhere, this workers’ compensation law provides for medical care and compensation benefits for injuries that happen while working in a foreign country.

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