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Michael G. Huey began his law practice in 1984. What was once a solo practice has grown into a 4 person firm with offices in Mobile, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. The Huey Law Firm LLC now represents clients in all aspects of maritime law including private individuals and commercial clients in cases involving vessel repair disputes, maritime contracts and vessel seizures as well as businesses and insurance companies in civil litigation.  Over the years, the Firm broadened its practice areas to include representation of individuals involved in motor vehicle, railroad, and aviation accidents as well as criminal defense.
  • Maritime Law
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers
  • Civil Litigation Defense
  • Railroad / Transportation
  • Criminal Law
  • Injuries

Maritime Law

Maritime law and the Jones Act includes, any cause of action whether contract or personal injury where the cause of action occurred over or near navigable waters capable of maritime commerce or the subject of the contract is maritime in nature.

Vessels include all manner and type of water craft including but not limited to jack-up rigs, drill ships, semi-submersibles, derrick barges, crane barges, quarters barge or any other craft designed to operate on navigable water.


Our Maritime Attorneys:

D.A. Bass-Frazier

Michael Huey

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act was initially passed by the U. S. Congress in 1927. Prior to that time when a longshore or shipyard worker was injured the only recourse was to proceed with a traditional common law negligence action. Recognizing that this process was lengthy and often placed an unreasonable burden on the limited financial resources of injured longshore workers, the Congress passed the broad reaching remedial legislation now known as the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.


Our Longshore Attorneys:

D.A. Bass-Frazier

Michael Huey

Litigation Defense

Huey Law Firm, LLC's litigation defense section offers a full service regional defense practice throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Northwest Florida

Colin D. Sherman, who is based in Huey Law Firm, LLC's Mobile, Alabama headquarters, heads Huey Law Firm, LLC's litigation defense section. Working with Mr. Sherman in Huey Law Firm, LLC's litigation defense section is Dwain Denniston, who is based in Huey Law Firm's Mobile, Alabama headquarters.

For more information on Huey Law Firm, LLC's litigation defense section and its attorneys, please refer to the individual attorney profiles of Mr. Sherman and Mr. Denniston.

Our Litigation Defense Attorneys:

Colin Sherman

Criminal Law

Criminal charges can be a devastating blow for your personal and professional life. In addition to fines or jail time, your professional reputation can be harmed by such implications. We defend clients in state and federal court, including defense for clients who face the death penalty. We defend clients against various charges, including:

 - Defense Against DUI and Drug Charges
 - Defense Against Crimes Against People
 - Defense Against Property Crimes



- Burn injuries

- Reflex Sympathetic  Dystrophy

- Explosion

- Motor Vehicle Accidents

- Closed Head Injuries

- Wrongful Death Claims

Our Injury Attorneys:

Michael Huey

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